Why we love Malta…

Malta is a place of surprising diversity and no little history.

Precise knowledge of this island nation’s past is usually limited to the fact that it was once part of the British Empire (from 1814 to 1964) and played a key strategic role in World War Two.

But Malta’s story can be traced way back into the fourth century BC. Yes, this island has more to offer than kiss-me-quick hats and half-melted ice cream.

Of course, referring to Malta as an ‘island nation’ is also something of an oversight. Technically, it is an archipelago of rocky outcrops. Only three, the main island Malta, Gozo and Comino, are inhabited.

Together they make up a mere 316 km² of land, but there’s much to enjoy nonetheless, To name a few highlights, there is the delightful walled city Mdina, some small but lovely beaches, fabulous sea views and waters perfect for scuba diving.

As the capital, Valletta is the key city of Malta. It’s a delightful spot, standing proud on a short peninsula on the main island’s north-east coast, and blessed with a visible history that saw it granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1980.

But of course there is a lot more to discover and to experience.