What is the best time of year to visit Malta?

Malta has it’s charms all year round. The weather in winter is usually mild and summers are very warm and sunny.

Is it safe to swim in Malta?

Yes Malta is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean sea and it is perfectly safe to swim.   No dangerous fish around!

How much does it cost to use the public transport in Malta?

Since July 2015 a new fare structure has come into effect.
Have a look at our post to get info on how to apply to get a tal-linja card and pay the cheapest bus fares, same as the locals.  When you get a Tal-linja card you will pay €0.75 per bus trip instead of the standard €1.50 winter fare or €2.00 summer fare.  The card cannot be used on the night buses.

Can I also purchase a 7 day ticket to use the public transport?

Yes 7 day tickets as well as some other tickets are available for purchase either online or from various authorized vendors and Malta public transport offices.  If you order them online, you should do so at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival in Malta.

Which is the cheapest bus card for a long stay?

If you are planning to stay for a month or longer, it’s worth applying for the tal-linja card.  With this card spending is capped to a maximum of €26 per month.  If you use the bus very often after reaching €26 you are no longer charged for the rest of the month.

With this card fares are charged at 0.75c per journey instead of €1.50. You can apply for this card online by filling it the form on the tal-linja  website and following the instructions given.  You will need to upload a copy of your id card and a passport photo.


Will I be independent when I book a room at Looza Residence?

At Looza we offer our guests accommodation on a floor used exclusively by the guests.  You share the main entrance with the family and go through the house to reach your floor.  You will have the freedom to come and go without curfews.

Should I choose self-catering or not?

For those who like to be more independent at Looza we offer a self-catering option, a stay with no meals included. Guests will be able to use the guest kitchenette located on the same floor as the guest rooms to prepare their own meals. The kitchenette is shared with other guests so we ask you to be considerate to others and leave it clean and tidy after use.

Are there supermarkets close by?

Yes, there is a large Lidl supermarket and many other smaller ones all at an easy 5 minute walking distance.

Can I invite my friends to Looza Residence?

For security reasons friends of guests are not permitted into the house.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is not allowed inside the house however you may make use of the terrace.



What are the benefits of living in a homestay?

Students who choose to live in homestay accommodation benefit from living in a homely atmosphere with the bonus of having someone local to help you to settle in and the opportunity to practice English in an environment well suited for learning.

Will there be other international students staying in the accommodation?

Most probably there will be other students staying at the same time and it is a great opportunity for making friends. Guests are encouraged to practise their English speaking skills between themselves and with the family.

What is the advantage of half-board?

For those who wish to have more contact with the family the bed and breakfast or half board options are suitable. Breakfast is served every morning and home cooked dinner is served at around 7pm from Monday to Friday. Guests on half board basis will have the opportunity to have a friendly chat with the family and other guests in a relaxed atmosphere around the kitchen table.

Do you cater for vegetarians or special diets?

At Looza meals are shared together with the rest of the family and other guests and although we do take note of the odd dislike of a particular food we cannot cater for special diets and vegetarian meals. For guests with special requirements we suggest the self-catering option although guests may still come and join in the conversation at dinner time.

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