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Take an English language course, why not in Malta?

Malta is well-known for offering English language teaching and is a popular destination for students that love to not only smarten-up but tan-up, too.  English is one of the two official languages of the Maltese Islands!

Studying English in Malta not only gives you the opportunity to gain confidence in speaking, but also makes you a stronger person through all the new experiences you gain from travelling and living abroad. Gaining greater independence will help you to achieve more in life.

Improve your confidence in English through practising with the locals and other classmates. It’s a great opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world! Moreover living and studying in a country where you have to speak English all the time makes learning a language faster.

Students who choose to live in homestay accommodation benefit from living in a homely atmosphere with the bonus of having someone local to help you to settle in and the opportunity to practice English in an environment well suited for learning.

Studying abroad is also a plus for your C.V. Employers will see it as a sign of confidence and independence. Your employer will look at you as a person who has experienced interesting things and different cultures.

There are several good English language schools in Malta that offer a number of English language courses, with their own special learning and leisure-time arrangements.

I gladly forward you our recommendations by email.  I can assist you in booking a language course with any language school of your choice free of charge. Alternatively, I can also recommend private one-on-one tuition.

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Friendly Tuition Rates
A general English course start from €185 per week. There are several courses you can choose from. If there is a particular school you are interested in let us know and we’ll help get you the rates.

See the course programme and fees.

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