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Comfortable Homestays  in Malta

What can you expect when staying in a homestay?

Staying with a Maltese host family is possibly the best way to come to understand the Maltese culture and traditions. This experience is the preferred option for many travellers to Malta as an alternative to staying in an impersonal hotel room.

It is also an excellent opportunity to practice your English and make new friends.

These so-called ‘homestays’ have been enjoyed by many travellers to Malta.

It is a kind of halfway house between ‘living-in’ as part of a Maltese family and ‘renting solo’ for total privacy.

Twin shared or Single rooms

The residences of so-called ‘host families’ are licensed by the Maltese government and are inspected regularly. The certified homes offer comfortable, clean, spacious rooms.

Reservations for host family accommodation can be made in either a single room for you alone or in a twin room.

In a twin room you would share your room with another guest of the same gender.  This is a cheaper option in case you are travelling alone but wish to share a room as a cheaper alternative to reserving a single room.

Homestay on Self-catering, bed and breakfast or Half board basis

Students or other visitors like yourself may rent a homestay room on either bed and breakfast or half board basis with breakfast and dinner included at very reasonable rates.

You may also choose to reserve a room on self-catering basis when a separate kitchenette is available like we do at Looza.

The bathroom is usually shared between guests but some host families might offer a bathroom for sole use at a nominal charge.

Guests over the age of 18 are given a house key and are free to come and go.

You will be provided with bed linen and towels and the families usually take the guests’ laundry for washing once per week included in the price.

An affordable alternative to renting an Apartment

There are few hostels in Malta and quite a few apartments for rent however you will find that renting an apartment on short let (less than 6 months) works out to be rather expensive.  Apartments for short let can also be hard to fine.

As an affordable alternative, many Maltese families welcome students and travellers into their home. : Hence, the name ‘Host families’ or ‘Homestay’.

These friendly accommodations have been enjoyed by many holiday makers and students over the years.

The hosts who have experience in welcoming many international guests into their homes can guide you with tips on places to visit and to help you settle into the Maltese way of life fast.

For more information about staying in a homestay accommodation have a look at our Frequently asked questions page.

Moreover, reserving a room directly through this web portal, thus without a travel agency or a language school taking a commission, means a further saving.

Contact us to reserve your room!  We look forward to welcoming you any time soon!






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